ClassAct GREENROOM is a workshop designed especially for people from every walk of life - beginners and aspiring actors/performers. 


What We Do

This module is designed to deal with YOU on an Instrumental level. Your body, your intellect, your emotions and your voice, your problems, common and unique and work on exercises to find your obstacles and eliminate them. If you have chosen to be an actor, you have a responsibility to stimulate and express  the entire range of human emotions. The idea is not just to represent the emotions but to experience and express them! 

BEING is the word used by Eric Morris to represent the goal of this kind of preparation. BEING is the behavioural state in which you are comfortable allowing yourself to feel and express  all emotions impulsively, doing no more nor less than you feel. 

Before the actor can approach the craft, his or her instrument must be prepared to function. Preparation is largely a matter of clearing the blocks and obstacles that keeps one from being emotionally affected and freely expressing ones impulses. When one has accomplished this BEING state, he/she is ready for the elements of Craft. This is not something to be desired; it is totally necessary in order to become an organic and creative actor. Mastering the craft of creating realities is dependent on you, the actor, being ready to open yourself up as a human being. If you do not, then you cannot be reach an authentic level and your acting remains superficial. 


Who Is Eligible For GREENROOM

This workshop is for everyone. Because even before becoming an actor/performer, it is necessary that every individual is available to him/herself instrumentally free of any blocks or obstacles. Actor or not, everyone is welcome.

Whether or not you will deal with your obstacles isn’t a matter of choice; if you want to be an artist, you must eliminate them
— Eric Morris